Chase Masson

get to know chase: I’m a 20 year old kid trying to push my limits and make a name for myself in this industry. I move to Revelstoke for three months during the winter to pursue my dream and make it into a reality by making YouTube videos and posting everyday on my socials. I started sledding in the mountains when I was twelve and have been hooked ever sense. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to become one of the big names in the sport. I’ll definitely be pushing hard this season so you might want to tune in and enjoy the show!! See you on the snow🤘🏻

how old are you: 20 years young

where are you from: Camrose Alberta

what you love the most about riding: chasing the adrenaline rush every time I’m up on the mountain. Pushing the sport and growing it is super fun and the constant challenge against yourself to either stomp that maneuver or make that technical line. Let’s not forget about the epic pow shots too!!

why peak: The quality of the product to the price is unmatched in the industry and that’s a big thing in this day and age. Myself being Canadian it’s a big deal for me to support and push a Canadian based company and try to put them on top!!!

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Brandon wiesener

age: 30 years old

where are you from: Leduc, Alberta

what you love the most about riding: The feeling of freedom you get and the opportunity the sport gives you for expression. You have the chance to become someone more when you strap that helmet on. 

Why peak: Clean design and comfortable fit. And Peak's overall passion for sledding.

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Brody fourchalk

coming soon

Frankie lettieri

get to know Frankie: Grew up riding dirtbikes, turned pro when i was 19, first race as a pro i managed to get a  18th at Southwick pro national in 2011 on a 450, i also raced a handful of supercross races but that was before i got into riding fmx shows and riding ramps. Since then i’ve done shows for Cirque Du Soleil, Nitro Circus, and Universoul Circus!

where are you from: Brick, New Jersey

what you love the most about riding: It’s the freedom for me, dirtbikes have brought me to some awesome places and because of that i was able to make some great friends from all over!

why peak: peak has quality moto products and the people behind the scenes love moto just as much as we do.

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get to know romain: I started to be a rider at the age of 3. I went from motocross to BMX to Trial competitions till 17 years old. It was hard for me to focus in only one discipline because I like them all. so I decided to left the races and do Trial, Freeride and shows. This is where I find myself the best and I feel like I can reunite all those disciplines in once with my Trial bike.

where are you from: Cannes, France

how old are you: 28 years old

what you love the most about riding: I would say at first the feeling of freedom. It's also an easy way of expressing yourself trough your skills and the unlimited possibilities of things you can do, this will make me love riding for ever.

why peak: I choose Peak because I like how large this brand could fit the extreme sports community . It can be Snowmobile, Motocross, Supercross, FMX, Freeride and even me on Trial. Plus the design of the products that I approve as well, added with quality and confort.

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